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Aeroflot Pet Policy, Rules and Information on Traveling with Pets

Aeroflot has some strict policies and rules if you want to travel with your pet / animal. Be informed of these rules and policies if you are planning to travel with your pet / animal. If you wish to travel with your pet, you need to inform Aeroflot Russian airline at the time of booking your ticket.

Can I Travel With My Pet / Animal On Aeroflot Airline?

Yes, Aeroflot airline allows to carry pet and certain animals in the passenger cabin and in the cargo hold if all required conditions are fulfilled.

What Pets / Animals Are Allowed In The Passenger Cabin?

Aeroflot Russian airline allows an adult passenger to carry certain dogs, cats,

Aeroflot Airline Pet Policy

Aeroflot Airline Pet Policy

birds and other small animals in the passenger cabin after approval from the carrier. Weight of such animal should be less than 8 kg/18lbs including the cage. Maximum dimension of the cage should not increase 115 cm / 44inches. Passengers with pets are not allowed to sit near emergency exits.

What Pets / Animals Are Allowed In The Cargo Hold?

If the weight of your pet / animal including the cage is more than 8 kg (18lbs) then it can be carried in the air-conditioned area of the cargo hold.

Special container or cage is compulsory to carry all such animals. The cage or kennel must be comfortable enough for the animal for the entire flight. It must be of proper size and must have proper air ventilation. The base must be water-resistant and covered with absorbent material. It must be comfortable enough so that the animal can comfortable stand upright and turn 360 degree. Bird cages should be covered with thick light-tight fabric.

How do I Book my Pet / Animal on an Aeroflot Flight? What are the Charges?

At the time of booking, you must inform Aeroflot reservation staff if you plan to travel with a pet and or animal.

The weight of the animal and its container is not included in free baggage allowance and will be charged as excess baggage. Please check Aeroflot baggage allowance.

Service dog / guide dog / seeing eye dog are carried free of charge without a cage. Such animals must have a collar, muzzle and must be tied.

Are There Any Documents Required To Travel Wit Pet On Aeroflot Airline?

Yes, you need certain documents to travel with Aeroflot airline with your pet:

  • Veterinary certificate (Veterinary passport) issued by a state veterinary station plus an importation license.
  • Medical certificate issued at any state veterinary clinic.
  • A certificate from one of the two licensed Moscow breeding clubs, SKOR or RKF, stating that the animal presents no breeding value.

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